Family-style sharing dishes now available at Sardine.

Get friends or family together for a lovingly cooked, seasonal southern French feast.


Chicken, veal and lamb Plats Familiaux will be accompanied with the finest tasting vegetables; be it peas and young lettuces in spring, a ratatouille in the height of summer to buttery brassicas in colder months.  Our half a Duck is served with lentils and seasonal greens.

Enjoy Les Plats on their own or as part of a three course menu with three seasonal toasts to start - think seasoned ricotta, smashed broad beans, tapenade - and some shared desserts to finish.


For all bookings please call us on 020 7490 0144 or email us at @eat@sardine.london

Please note that for all Plats Familiaux we require 48 hours notice to prepare the food and payment in advance.

'Pekin' Duck to-share

A delicious 'Pekin' duck from our suppliers in Devon.

We serve half a duck per 2 persons, with the breast grilled and the leg confit.  Served with braised greens, Puy lentils and a duck jus.

Available for groups of 2 - 4 - 6 persons

1 / 3 courses - £19 / £30 per person

Whole Roast Chicken

A lovely, plump black leg from France, stuffed with tarragon butter, served on a tangle of shoestring fries, with a cep and brandy cream sauce.

Available for groups of 4 - 6 persons

1 / 3 courses - £19 / £30 per person

Whole leg of lamb à la ficelle

Stuffed with tapenade, strung up and cooked slowly à la ficelle over a charcoal fire, basted with rosemary, lavender, cayenne pepper and olive oil as it turns.

The lamb will be rested on a dish of boulangere potatoes, happily
absorbing the juices from the meat.

Available for groups of 6-8 persons

1 / 3 courses - £22 / £35 per person


The king of fish stews, with a seasonal selection of Cornish day-boat fish and shellfish served in two parts. The first, a rich soup with croutons and a fiery rouille and the second, the fish, with saffron potatoes cooked in broth.

Available for groups of 2 - 20 persons

1 / 3 courses - £24 / £36 per person

Veal Shin, Morteau Sausages & Aligot

For something slightly more indulgent, we’ll be roasting Whole veal shins atop mounds of garlicky, cheesy Aligot, anointed with a crown of soaked Morteau sausage and the buttery roasting juice

Available for groups of 4-6 persons

1 / 3 courses - £28 / £40 per person