2017 at Sardine

We host a regular feasting dinner - La Grande Bouffe - on the last Monday of every month.

On each occasion we offer a starter, the main event and dessert for £28pp.

We offer an additional cheese course - Alex used to be a cheesemonger with Mons Cheese - and Clo creates a new cocktail and selects some interesting wines too.

March 27th: COQ AU VIN

April 24th: COUSCOUS

April tbc: Henry Harris special dinner...

For all reservations please call us or book online here

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Wild Garlic & Cantal Tart


Christina’s Salad, Walnut Oil & Crème Fraîche Dressing


Coq au Vin

Buttered Noodles


Poached Pear & Honey Ice Cream

3 courses, £28pp